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Rely on our expertise

ABB screw clamp technology benefits from 50 years of experience. Billions of our screw clamps have been manufactured and are used worldwide every day.

Qualified for worldwide markets and applications Eco-designed according to internationl environmental standards in sustainable development.

A smart design to support your daily connection challenges
Revitalise your electrical installation

Modern. High quality finishing.

Facilitate your rail assembly process

Asymmetrical design offers the best visibility from any direction, +20% marking surfaec.

Smooth your connecting process

Engineered conductor entry: optimized conductor guiding, easier connection. One or two conductors. Conductors with or without ferrules.

Find your preferred marking solution from our universal range
ABB automatic printing solutions

ABB marking systems with blank marker cards (2) and self adhesive strips (1)

ABB pre-marking solutions

Pre-printed marker card (2)

Manual marking solutions

Universal marker holder (UMH), compatible with most of the wire markers available on the market (3). Patented "falt marking area", compatible with self-adhesive strips and can be written on with a marker pen (4).